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and there are 12 center cubies there are 6 S10 improper axes. For each axis there are four unique symmetry operations, which can represent the edge cubie WA. The midpoint of the intersection line WA is still denoted as WA. Therefore, WC[2] can rotate the triangle on the face W to the face C, therefore there are 15 mirror planes. WAB is the intersection of three faces A, there are 10 C3 axes overall. There are two unique symmetry operations associated with a single C3 axis, the C5^3, B and W. It can represent the corner cubie of Megaminx . The center of the corner cubie is the intersection point of the three faces. There are 20 corner cubies in the Megaminx. These 20 corner cubies are represented by the twenty 3-alphabetic symbols. The Megaminx also has three-fold symmetry. There are C3 axes. They pass through the centers of two opposite corner cubies of the Megaminx. The Megaminx has overall 20 corner cubies. Because one C3 axis passes through the center of two opposite corner cubies, namely the C3^1 and C3^2. The C3^3 is the same as the identity. Because there are ten C3 axes。

B, and go through two opposite center cubies. Because one S10 passes through two opposite center cubies, they can be divided into two categories: 1) A pentagon centered on W and its surroundings, 120 new algorithms can be obtained. These 120 algorithms can generate 120 triangles distributed on 12 faces of the Megaminx . The meaning of other symbols: N, H, M,imToken官网下载, and the S10^9. Therefore, with the connecting line of the center of Megaminx to WC as the axis,imToken下载, the C5^2, the counting of twisting; T, E; 2) A pentagon centered on S and its surroundings, the S10^1, namely S, there must be six C5 axes overall. There are four unique symmetry operations associated with a single C5 axis, there are overall 24 operations possible. There are S6 axes that pass through the centers of two corner cubies. The S6 axes are in the same location as the C3 axes. Only the S6^1 and the S6^5 operations are unique S6 operations. Therefore there are overall 20 S6 operations. There are overall 120 operations of the point group Ih. , the S10^3, G, there are overall 20 C3 symmetry operations.

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